Yankee Stadium — Remembering Marvin Hamlisch 9/20/2012 Yankees-Blue Jays

Marvin would be so proud of this!

Remembering Marvin Hamlisch — Yankee Stadium 9-20-2012. Game: Yankees-Blue Jays


Playing Ball — Marvin at 10 years of age:

The school year was nearly over, the dreaded Juilliard exam was behind me, and the weather was sunny and warm. So the day before the party, I donned some ragged blue jeans and went outside to do what I loved to do: play ball. In case you missed the chance to grow up on the streets of Manhattan, I should point out the sociological oddity that New York City streets are actually ball fields. On West Eighty-first Street between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues, the lamp post  serves as first base, the sewer manhole is second, the church steps are third, and wherever you want is home.”

Now in this pickup game of baseball, I was the catcher. This was a singularly hazardous position. You will never see a photograph of Leonard Bernstein playing catcher, and there’s a very good reason, which I was about to learn. The leadoff batter was overzealous. Or maybe I was too close to home plate. History is unclear on this point. The batter swung heroically at the first pitch and missed. The bat’s momentum carried it around and struck me in the left eye. If the trajectory of this swing had been a half inch lower, I would now be starring in pirate movies. But I could see no silver lining at the time. Matter of fact, I could see very little”

- Marvin at ten years of age. From his book: “The way I was