▶ VIDEO: Theme from The Swimmer. Marvin Hamlisch’s Musical Score — (Film, 1968)

Film: The Swimmer (1968)

Scenes from film The Swimmer

Marvin Hamlisch’s musical score from Frank Perry’s “THE SWIMMER” (1968) (Excerpt)



Film The Swimmer:

The Music of Marvin Hamlisch — Part 3 — Film: The Swimmer (1968)

There I was, watching “The Swimmer” again and again, watching Burt Lancaster splashing, playing the piano against each scene until I found something I thought would be appropriate. The score was taking on a big, rather symphonic sound. So I wanted a massive tone. I wanted the audience to feel yearning and anguish, as each pool stop peels back part of the hero’s life, revealing him as a fraud and a failure. I called on the size and power of a symphony orchestra to convey this man’s pain.” — Marvin Hamlisch- READ MORE… 

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Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch