Video (2min) — Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankees

I used to say: These are the priorities of Marvin Hamlisch: 1‑Music

2‑New York Yankees



He Loved his Yankees!”  Terre Blair Hamlisch.

Terre and Torre 9-20-2012

When Marvin was performing, in the old days before Smartphones, during the play-off season, messages were being relayed from the side door of the stage onto the stage. There would be somebody pointing with their hands: “Five” — “Two.” And then the response with Marvin’s “thumbs up” will follow. — Conductor J. Ernest Green.

Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankees

Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankees

He really loved Joe Torre:

He was my greatest fan, because every time we lost a game, it was somebody else’s fault. It was never my fault.” Joe Torre.


Watch: Joe Torre, Terre Hamlisch: Marvin Hamlisch and The Yankess:

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