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I just want to say a quick little thing before we keep going: First of all I went to camp years ago, in Pennsylvania, a camp called Camp Geneva, and I met this fellow at camp who came from Metuchen, New Jersey, — I come from New York, — and you will not believe this but we became friends, and after these many years he is still my best friend. It is wonderful to know that sometimes at camp you meet someone and you don’t even realize that later on in life is going to become your best friend. So you might be sitting next to a person that you will never see again or maybe your best friend later on in life.” Marvin Hamlisch — Camp Winnebago, 1987 -

(Remembering Marvin Hamlisch 1944–2012)

Winnebagans at Camp 25 summers ago were treated to a most unusual evening assembly. On August 10th, 1987, an evening when a Broadway audience was enjoying the 5,000th performance of his hit show, “A Chorus Line.” Marvin Hamlisch was playing to a standing-room-only crowd in the Lodge.When camper Greg Frankel came up to New York from Florida on his way to camp that June, he stayed overnight with Hamlisch, a family friend, who brought him to meet the camp bus the next morning.

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Uncle Phil, never one to miss an opportunity, suggested the popular composer and entertainer come up to pay Greg a visit in Fayette, and threw in the offer of an overnight stay and a venue that just might be available. Hamlisch, who the night before had been sharing a stage with, among others, Liza Minelli, arrived in the morning and spent a full day at camp. Recounting for us his own summers as a camp counselor, he felt right at home, and fit right into a camp shirt and camp activities.

The old upright piano was wrestled up onto the stage and tuned, and Hamlisch, who has played everywhere, including Broadway, Carnegie Hall and the White House, proceeded to entertain the camp with the Scott Joplin rags he had played in “The Sting,” his own compositions,and pieces created impromptu, using titles thrown out by audience members. The evening doesn’t get listed in Hamlisch’s bio, but it certainly makes the all-time list of memorable CW evening assemblies.

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