Third and Fourth Graders and Marvin Hamlisch, Composer of the Month

I think Arts education is so important. It’s as important as studying math and English. I think it is part of being a human being. It rounds you out as a person.” – Marvin Hamlisch (1944–2012)

 Syracuse, NY and Dublin, OH — Marvin would be SO PROUD! He loved kids. During his appearances he always acknowledged the children in the audience. He invited them to the stage and talked to them, telling them how happy he was that they attended the performance. He always acknowledged their parents and congratulated them for introducing their kids to music.

Happy Birthday Marvin! (June 6, 1944)

Happy Birthday Marvin! (June 2, 1944)

Wyandot Elementary — Dublin, OH — Early in 2013, the School’s Music Department named Marvin Hamlisch “The Composer of The Month”. During that time, every week in music class, the teacher would give them a fun fact about Marvin Hamlisch and they would hear a different piece of his music.  It was a gift to hear the students singing “Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows” between classes.

Leslie Gore- Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows

There was a different picture of Marvin on the big announcement screens in the commons each day and some of the pictures had facts added about him and his career. When the ‘Composer of The Month’ was over, the music director at The Wyandot Elementary, Mrs. Alison Davis, along with Charlotte Blair Jones, the intervention Specialist at the school (Marvin’s sister-in-law) had the great idea to hold an assembly about “The Composer of The Month: Marvin Hamlisch” -

Ohio School1

During the Assembly Charlotte Blair Jones read from Marvin’s Children’s Book “Marvin Makes Music”. (It is a wonderful story about his childhood and how he experienced so much pressure when auditioning for Juilliard as a young child, and how Marvin heard music in everything from passing trains to children playing.)

Charlotte Blair Jones recalls: My daughters, Aubrey and Jordan Lilly, showed a video we put together.  The video is 10 life lessons we learned from the girls’ precious Uncle Momo.  After the video I talked about how each of us may not be famous like Marvin but we ALL have the ability to be important by following his lessons in the choices we make. Then the girls and I read the book with the illustrations on the big screen and all of the 4th graders sang “The Music in My Mind” for the finale.

In addition to the reading from the book, Mrs. Alison Davis and the fourth graders had been hard at work learning and memorizing the song “The Music In My Mind”  that Marvin composed to accompany the book. An so they performed the song during the Assembly. It was a great experience for them and the parents and the teachers!

See Pictures: Marvin Hamlisch, Composer of the Month, Wyandot Elementary, Dublin, OH

Thank you note from Terre Blair Hamlisch to the Wyandot Elementary, Dublin, OH:

DUBLIN OH Thank you note

Allen Road Elementary, North Syracuse, NY — Terre Blair — Hamlisch was invited to attend the Spring Concert at the Allen Road Elementary School. During the activity she read from Marvin Hamlisch’s Children’s book “Marvin Makes Music” and the Third and Fourth graders performed the song “The Music In My Mind”. They did a great job!

School 2

See Pictures of this event: Allen Road Elementary School, Syrcause, NY

Terre Blair and Lucie Arnaz - 2012 - Interview with KDKA - Pittsburgh, PA

Terre Blair and Lucie Arnaz — 2012 — Interview with KDKA — Pittsburgh, PA

SYRACUSE thank you note


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Source: Wyandot Elementary - Dublin, OH & Allen Road Elementary, Syracuse, NY.