▶ Symphonic Suite: “Anatomy of Peace” — The Music of Marvin Hamlisch

Washington, DC — “Anatomy of Peace” was a book by Emery Reves. The book expressed the world’s federalist sentiments of the late 1940s (The period immediately following World War II)

This symphonic piece was performed in Paris on June 6, 1994 to commemorate D‑Day. (The musical composition was commissioned by Dallas Symphony in 1991)

War and peace 6


Composer Marvin Hamlisch explains his musical composition:

For Reves’s call for ‘one law,’ the suite begins with the orchestra (representing the nations of the world) expressing a loud, cacophonous uproar and very upset with each other, dissonant. Suddenly a flute introduces the ‘one law’ concept:

One law bringing us all together”

But each section of the orchestra resists the idea and protest it. The flute acts as a magnet and slowly starts bringing its logic to this concept. The strings must now be convinced, and finally they are.”

The theme then is expressed first by a child soloist and then by an entire chorus:

I see the world, I hear the dissonance…I see the world as one community…that must be joined by one law..one law for me…one law for all of us…”


Slowly the power of the idea begins to weave a spell on the orchestra. The nations start “thinking” about how the new world order will be…”

Finally Reves’s dream is musically realized, as the entire orchestra accepts the ‘one law’ concept.”

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Celebrating D‑Day:

We are the children of your sacrifice. We are the sons and daughters you saved from tyranny’s reach. We grew up behind the shield of the strong alliances you forged in blood upon these beaches, on the shores of the Pacific, and in the skies above. We flourished in the nation you came home to build. The most difficult days of your lives bought us 50 years of freedom. You did your job; now we must do ours. Let us begin by teaching our young people about the villainy that started this war and the valor that ended it. Let us carry on the work you began here.” President William Jefferson Clinton

Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch