▶ Songs from the Musical “The Goodbye Girl” — “No More” (3:50″) Broadway Cast. Bernadette Peters — The Music of Marvin Hamlisch

From the 1993 Original Broadway Cast recording of “The Goodbye Girl” Composed by Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics: David Zippel 
Rendition by: Bernadette Peters, Martin Short, Carol Woods, Tammy Minoff

The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.
Song: “No More” Rendition by Bernadette Peters. Original Broadway Cast of The Goodbye Girl. The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.

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Musical The Goodbye Girl:

The Musical opened in out‐of‐town tryouts at the Shubert Theatre in Chicago, from December 29, 1992 to January 30, 1993.
The musical, directed by Michael Kidd and choreographed by Graciela Daniele, played on Broadway at the Marquis Theatre on March 4, 1993 and  had 23 previews and 188 performances. The opening cast included Bernadette Peters as Paula McFadden and Martin Short as Elliot Garfield, with Carol Woods as Mrs. Crosby, Susann Fletcher as Donna Douglas, Tammy Minoff as Lucy, Lisa Molina as Melanie and Erin Torpey as Cynthia. This musical marked Martin Short’s Broadway debut


Egotistical actor Elliot Garfield sublets a friend’s Manhattan apartment only to discover it is still occupied by his friend’s ex‐girlfriend Paula, a former dancer, and her precocious pre‐teen daughter Lucy. Initially suspicious and antagonistic, Elliot and Paula arrive at an uneasy truce. Paula, fed up with being hurt by boyfriend‐actors, rashly vows never to become involved again (“No More”), while Elliot sets down the rules for the living arrangements (“My Rules”). Paula decides to return to work as a dancer, but during dance class finds it difficult (“A Beat Behind”).
While attempting to cohabit as peacefully as possible, despite their differences of opinion and temperament, Elliot and Paula find themselves attracted to each other (“Paula (An Improvised Love Song)”). Although Elliot finds a job out‐of‐town, Paula realizes that this is the true love she has been seeking, and they reach a happy ending (“What a Guy”).


Nominated in 1993 for The Tony Award for
-Best Musical
-Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical: Martin Short
-Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical: Bernadette Peters
-Best Choreography: Graciela Daniele
-Best Direction of a Musical: Michael Kidd

Nominated in 1993 for The Drama Desk Award for
-Outstanding Actor in a Musical: Martin Short
-Outstanding Lyrics: David Zippel
-Outstanding Music: Marvin Hamlisch (Won)

Nominated in 1993 for The Theatre World Award
-Martin Short (Won)

LISTEN: Songs from the Musical “The Goodbye Girl”: “No More” Broadway Cast Recording (3:50) — The Music of Marvin Hamlisch:

Credits to this Album: Broadway Cast Recording of The Goodbye Girl:


Released on: 1993‐04‐21

Composer, Producer: Marvin Hamlisch / M. Hamlisch
Percussion: Jim Saporito
Percussion: Joe Passaro
Drums: Michael Keller
Keyboards: Lee Musiker
Keyboards: Myles Chase
Keyboards: Ken Bichel
Violin: Ron Oakland
Violin: Janet Hill
Violin: Claudia Hafer Tondi
Lyricist, Producer: David Zippel
Violin: Deborah Wong
Violin: Gene Orloff
Violin: Arnold Eidus
Arranger: Mark Hummel
Violin: Marti Sweet
Violin: Sanford Allen
Orchestrator: Billy Byers
Violin: Elena Barere
Violin: Katsuko Esaki
Violin: Winterton Garvey
Violin: Nancy Reed
Bass: Bill Sloat
Orchestrator: Torrie Zito
Cello: Alvin McCall
Cello: Mark Shuman
Cello: Ellen Westerman
Cello: Fred Zlotkin
Cello: Jeanne LeBlanc
Cello: Richard Locker
Cello: Diane Barere
Cello: Kermit Moore
Cello: Stephanie Cummins
Harp: Lise Nadeau
Trumpet: Bob Millikan
Trumpet: Danny Cahn
Trumpet: Darryl Shaw
French Horn: John Clark
Trombone: Keith O’Quinn
Producer: Jay Landers
Co‐ Producer: Kaede Seville
Director: Michael Kidd
Assistant Engineer: Carl Glanville
Assistant Engineer: Brian Vibberts
Mastering Engineer: Ted Jensen
Recording Engineer: Bradshaw Leigh

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