▶ Song: I Can Do That. Musical A Chorus Line. Original Cast / Lyrics.

SONG: I Can Do That. MUSICAL: A Chorus Line. The Music of Marvin Hamlisch.

Song: I Can Do That. from the Broadway Musical “A Chorus Line” — The Music of Marvin Hamlisch

The human struggle behind the songs:

Every kid who ever came to New York to work in and around the theater, or anybody who dances for a living in that milieu, will immediately connect with the stories of the characters of A Chorus Line, and upon listening to them will say, “That’s me.” Which may explain why this is such an emotional show for so many people.


What emerged from the workshops at the New York Public Theater, was a show with no stars, no set, and almost no plot. This struck people as daring in 1975; given what’s been on the Broadway stage in the intervening two decades, “astounding” seems more like it.

LISTEN: Song: I Can Do That. Musical A Chorus Line. Original Cast:

LYRICS: I Can Do That
I’m watchin’ Sis
Go pitterpat.
“I can do that,
I can do that.“
Knew ev’ry step
Right off the bat.
“I can do that,
I can do that.“
One morning Sis won’t go to dance class
I grabbed her shoes and tights and all,
But my foot’s too small,
I stuff her shoes
With extra socks,
Run seven blocks
In nothin’ flat.
I can do that,
I can do that.
I got to class
And had it made,
And so I stayed
The rest of my life.
All thanks to Sis
(Now married and fat)
I can do this.
That I can do!
I can do that.
Songwriters: MARVIN HAMLISCH, EDWARD KLEBAN. © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

VIDEO: I Hope I Can Do That — (From “A Chorus Line — The Movie” )

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Broadway Soundtrack. A Chorus Line. (1975)

Track 1: I hope I get it
Track 2: I can do that
Track 3: at the ballet
Track 4: sing!
Track 5: hello twelve, hello thirteen, hello love
Track 6: nothing
Track 7: the music and the mirror
Track 8: dance ten, looks three
Track 9: one
Track 10: what I did for love
Track 11: one (reprise) finale


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