▶ Song: At The Ballet — The “heart” of A Chorus Line.

Washington, D.C. — Marvin Hamlisch used to say that when the composition of the song “At The Ballet” for the Broadway Musical A Chorus Line materialized with its music and words, it was a turning point for the show; that this song embodied the spirit of this great musical and made it whole. This song speaks of the joys and sorrows in the lives of these dancers that the show was about to expose by the way of acting, singing and dancing. (the triple threat contenders.)

August 24, 1974 — “With the opening done, Ed and I pick up speed. We write two more songs real quick. One is called “I Can Do That,” about a dancer first discovering his talent. The other is called “At The Ballet,” which is about the endless years of training dancers endure. We played it for Michael Bennett and he said it was perfect” — Marvin Hamlisch

At The Ballet-Glee

VIDEO: Song with Lyrics tribute by TV’s Glee to the song: At The Ballet from the Broadway Musical A CHORUS LINE
Performed by: Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera), Isabelle Wright (Sarah Jessica Parker), Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) & Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) — A GREAT RENDITION:

Background of the song  “At the Ballet” – sung by Sheila, Bebe, and Maggie:

Zach is angered when he feels that the streetwise Sheila is not taking the audition seriously. Opening up, she reveals that her mother married at a young age and her father neither loved nor cared for them. When she was six, she realized that ballet provided relief from her unhappy family life (“At the Ballet”), as did Bebe and Maggie.

VIDEO: Kelly Bishop, Terri Klausner and Kay Cole during Scene from A Chorus Line. “At The Ballet” (Record breaking performance, 1983)


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