▶ Musical: Sweet Smell of Success. Song: “Dirt” 

From the Broadway Musical “Sweet Smell of Success” the song “DIRT” was performed by the original cast at the 56th Tony Awards. John Lithgow won a tony for his performance as the lead character J.J. Hunsecker. (Read more about this musical)

Scene from the Musical "Sweet Smell of Success" - Performance of the song: "DIRT"

Scene from the Musical “Sweet Smell of Success” — Performance of the song: “DIRT”

Sweet Smell of Success ” Dirt ”

Video: The University of Central Oklahoma’s Music Theatre Division performs “Dirt” from the 2002 Broadway show, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS:


AUDIO: songs from “Sweet Smell of Success” Broadway Musical, 2002 — Original Cast:


Audio Sweet Smell - Multimedia


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