May 4 — American Cancer gala: “El Morocco” recreated for Marvin Hamlisch salute!

The Boston Herald — by Liz Smith (Excerpt) — Well, El Morocco will be recreated again at the Hudson Theater at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in NYC on May 4 for the American Cancer Society. The event honors philanthropist Lily Safra for her ongoing global charitable endeavors, notably in science and medicine.The event, A Spring Tribute to Marvin Hamlisch,” will be called “A Night at El Morocco” and will also feature remembrances from the 2002 Broadway show, “Sweet Smell of Success.


el morocco ny - sweet smell

El Morocco, New York City

The music is by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Craig Carnelia and a book by John Guare, offering some of Broadway’s brightest. Jeremy Jordan, Adam Jacobs, Lindsay Mendez, Marissa McGowan, Steven Brinberg, Bernard Dotson, Peter Dugan, Charles Yang, Marc Kudisch, J. Ernest Green, Peter Lawrence, Bob Rendon, Tyce Diorio, etc. What amused me most is that the event planners selected longtime nice guy flack Jim Mitchell to participate. He, after all, worked for the first El Morroco when it was made really famous by its original owner, the brilliant John Perona. And Jim Mitchell continued to toil for various versions of “Elmo’s” after John Perona no longer was alive to make it as classy as it had been.

american cancer - sweet smell may 2015

In the movie, Tony Curtis plays a horrid little PR stringer who takes orders from a vicious columnist, played by Burt Lancaster. The real Jim Mitchell was/is classy, however you spell it. He takes care of everybody, sees that no one misbehaves or gets in trouble and loves to abide by the truisms of the real original El Morocco. He trusts people and they trust him. He is a total gentleman.

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Source: Excerpt from Article by: Liz Smith at The  Boston Herald

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