May 29, 1989: Marvin Hamlisch & Terre Blair’s wedding. Marvin’s best birthday present ever! Cheers! — Team Hamlisch

MH - Terre-May 29We finally met. February 6, 1989. She was beautiful: blond hair, green eyes– and a knockout smile. But more important, she was as warm as she sounded on the phone, open and lively and, in her own way, clearly as crazy as I was to be doing this.  As minutes became hours, I realized more and more that the voice on the other end of the line for all these months would be my wife.

Forever, and after that.

We just looked at each other, holding hands, and sat down on the couch. We didn’t want to unlock our hands.

 “Thanks to my wife, Terre, for starting me on the road to new memories” — Marvin Hamlisch (1944–2012) – from the book “The Way I Was”

To Terre Blair: (Video: Marvin Hamlisch performs: “Love Story”)

For Terre Video

Source: Marvin Hamlisch - Book: "The Way I Was"