▶ Josh Groban Performs ‘What I Did for Love’ at The Ellen Show — The Music of Marvin Hamlisch for A Chorus Line

His voice is stunning. Check out his spectacular performance of this classic tune. — The Ellen Show

What I Did for Love” is a song from the musical A Chorus Line. It was quickly recognized for its show-business potential outside Broadway and was picked up by popular singers to include in their performances in their club and television appearances. Both male and female singers have made it an inclusion in their recorded albums to great effect. The Daily Telegraph describes it as a “big anthem”.

Synopsis within A Chorus Line:

In the penultimate scene of the production, when the final eight selected dancers together onstage are asked what they will do if they are told they can no longer dance, Diana Morales takes up the responsibility to reply and sings this anthem to philosophical loss yet undefeated optimism with which finally all the dancers concur:

Whatever happens, they will be free of regret, and that what they did for love with their talent, no matter how great, was only theirs “to borrow”, was to be only temporary, that today is gone and at that moment are all pointed toward tomorrow.”


Singer Josh Groban included this song in his 2015 album release “STAGES” — Buy Album / Visit Josh Groban Site.


josh groban - stages album

SONG: WHAT I DID FOR LOVE (FROM A CHORUS LINE) — The Music of Marvin Hamlisch:



What I Did For Love - Rendition by Leontyne Price

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