▶ SONG: AT THE BALLET — Rendition by Idina Menzel

London, UK — “It is another thing for an incredible musician to welcome you into his sacred piano space.” — Idina Menzel remembering Marvin Hamlisch


Idina Menzel Olivier Awards

Idina Menzel — 2013 Olivier Awards

2013 OLIVIER AWARDS — 28 April

Royal Opera House, London, UK — Idina Menzel Celebrated Marvin Hamlisch at the 2013 Olivier Awards.  Read more: Marvin Hamlisch remembered at The 2013 Olivier Awards

Idina Menzel, Louise Dearman -ELPHABA - WICKED

Idina Menzel, Louise Dearman ‑ELPHABA — WICKED


London, UK — Idina Menzel had the privilege to perform with the BBC Symphony Orchestra at their Friday Evening Series.  During the performance, Idina menzel lovingly paid tribute to the Late Marvin Hamlisch:

Last summer the world lost a good friend, — I lost a good friend – Marvin Hamlisch. For anyone who didn’t know  was an incredible composer, songwriter, musician, conductor, and I was lucky in the last couple of years to get to know him. He came on the road with me sometimes and we did concerts together and he will conduct. He really took me under his wing and it was just such an honor to have him with me and for mentoring me. And so when he passed away I got a call from his family and they asked if I would sing the next song, which is called “At The Ballet” from A CHORUS LINE. And he wanted that song sung. He wanted “At The Ballet” because it was his most favorite piece that he had written.” — Idina Menzel at BBC Radio2 Concert — Apr 26, 2013

LISTEN: “At The Ballet” from Broadway Musical: A CHORUS LINE


At The Ballet”

One of my fondest memories of Marvin was that when I had the opportunity to sing with him at the piano – he’ll leave the podium and he’ll go over to the piano and I’ll join him at the piano bench – there’s one thing to stand at the microphone stand and be accompanied by a hero of yours, you know…It’s another thing for an incredible musician to welcome you into his sacred piano space. An so I will sit there with him at the bench. For some reason I always sat on my knees. I just felt like a little girl with him and he was kind of like a father figure to me. And I had to pinch myself because I couldn’t believe that I was singing this iconic songs with him. These songs I grew up singing with my hair brush as my microphone, you know, in my bedroom. I just miss him so much…” — Idina Menzel, BBC Radio2  Concert, April 28, 2013

LISTEN: “What I Did for Love” from Broadway Musical A CHORUS LINE


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