Happy Birthday Terre Blair Hamlisch! And Happy Holidays! Thank you from all of us at Team Marvin Hamlisch!

Wishing Terre Blair Hamlisch a warm Happy Birthday! (12/26)

On his book “The Way I Was” Marvin Hamlisch wrote:

Thanks to my wife, Terre, for starting me on the road to new memories.


Terre Blair Hamlisch

Terre Blair Hamlisch

Flashback: (From the book “The Way I Was” — by Marvin Hamlisch (1944–2012)

Marvin Hamlisch wrote: “Marvin Hamlisch is a married man. He wants to celebrate. I had never taken the time to celebrate anything in my life. not my Oscars, or my Tonys or anything — And finding Terre seemed the best reason in the world. Because of you, and us, there’s a new me. And just for the delight of it, I want to share this: I want to see you come down the aisle in a gown, the most beautiful bride in modern history; I want to see your mother enjoy it; your family and my family and friends. Let’s hear some trumpets in B‑flat. Let’s hear a heavenly choir sing out ‘Marvin Hamlisch is ready to be happy. Hallelujah!’ ”

Marvin Hamlisch and Terre Blair

Marvin Hamlisch and Terre Blair


Marvin Hamlisch wrote: “Terre is like nobody I have ever met. she has a deep sense of right and wrong. That, coupled with a very spiritual bent and a great deal of compassion. She always stands up for the underdog. She fights for the issues she believes in, whether or not they are popular. She’s not petty or gossipy. some women I’ve known, their motto is “If you can’t say something nice about a person, come sit by me.” Not Terre. And all of this is enveloped by a childlike quality in her — in the way that a child knows what’s right and what’s wrong instinctively. Kids can smell hypocrisy. and that’s Terre. She has no time for pretentiousness or dishonesty. (Excerpt from the book “The Way I Was” by Marvin Hamlisch (1944–2012)

Marvin Hamlisch and Terre Blair's Wedding.

Marvin Hamlisch and Terre Blair’s Wedding.


From the book: “The Way I Was” The Autobiographical Book by Marvin Hamlisch. (1944–2012)





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Len Prince wrote:

Happy Birthday Terre!

I will start this present note about Terre Blair Hamlisch by saying that she has shown me the way to self improvement, through intuition, kindness, forgiving almost all inconsistencies, through example, through discussion, and most of all selflessness throughout our friendship. When she hired me to do her portrait, she then turned around and gave my services, as a gift to her husband Marvin Hamlisch for his birthday. And after that she befriended me through every imaginable form of support, one could ever imagine, through trust, balance, and the most important gift of all Terre has to offer, communication on every level, as I learned quickly, when Terre speaks, people of every walk of life, listens to her. Her words are flawlessly confident, emotional, thankful and truthful. Terre has been a crucial factor in turning my career of 45 years into something I can be proud of through relinquishing all exaggerated sense of ego and standing by my work in photography. Every moment Terre spends with her friends and co workers is a gift without limitations and fees, instead her reward is our progression into the present moment of improvement (the art of listening and truthful facts)
Without Terre the world would truly suffer and be void of The Truth. And of course the possibility to choose a healthier path to freedom, success and spiritual peace, and of course more ! Somehow Terre just sees it better and clearer than anyone I’ve ever met. The way she loves is uncompromised. The power of her public speaking, for example her speech at Marvin’s funeral was spoken of the likes of a true compassionate brave loving leader, eclipsed by none other. Her love for family and friendships are unwavering. I pray everyone can have even just a small experience of watching, listening, and learning about life’s improvements through her vision. Terre Blair Hamlisch is The Present and Future path to mankind’s survival in a world of Chaos. Len Prince, Book: “Remembering Marvin Hamlisch, The People’s Composer

Linda wrote:

Dear Terre,
Happy Birthday to the one who lights up with the world with her desire to make it a better place. To the one who understands that living ethically is essential to our survival and is willing to devote her life to the cause. From reducing your carbon footprint to standing up for those who have been mistreated by others, you’re the real deal. You don’t just talk the talk, you walk the walk. And you have the intelligence, strength, courage and resolve to see it through.
While birthdays are typically celebrated with gifts for the honoree, the truth of the matter is that, in this case, you are the gift. With your compassion and selfless acts of kindness, you change lives of strangers and friends for the better. I’ve seen you greet an entire row of people in wheelchairs at a concert, taking the time to make each one feel special and important. You’ve opened doors for people, boosted their confidence and given them the opportunity to showcase their talents. You’ve put your life on hold for days to help a friend in crisis. You are patient and supportive, overlooking shortcomings and helping people build on their strengths. You are a great role model, making all of us think about ways to be better people.
I’ve watched you handle enormous adversity with more grace that I ever thought possible. No wonder you gain admirers wherever you go. Let’s hope this year will bring more laughter than tears. I’m so grateful that you are my friend. Happy Birthday.
With love,

J. Ernest Green wrote:

Dear Terre
I am sitting here thinking on the past year or so and about all of the wonderful projects you have made happen for me and so many others. From so many wonderful concerts to the production of “Sweet Smell of Success” last spring you have been our angel, always looking over all of us on “Team Hamlisch” and those who we meet and work with along the way. What an awesome gift you have given us!
When Marvin died, I felt like a huge part of me was gone in a flash. In so many ways Marvin had changed not only the way I worked as a musician but also the way that I thought about music. I remember that first month after his death feeling like I couldn’t find my direction. Nothing seemed to fit or work right. I think you knew this was happening and then you came in and scooped me up along with many others and helped us find our way back to the work we were meant to do. You sacrificed your own and time and work and even put aside your grief in order to help us. You opened your home and your heart to me and my family!
Your support of me over the years has meant more to me than I can ever really put into words but it has made an enormous difference in my life. You believed in me when I started to doubt myself and you trusted me with a priceless gift — Marvin’s music. You are an amazing, kind and loving person and you being a part of my life and my families is something I treasure!
Terre, you show me daily how to live well, first and foremost by loving those around you. The only thing I can really say is… Thank you! Yours ever, Ernie. (J. Ernest Green, Musical Conductor)

Valerie Lemon wrote:

As we come into this holiday season I want to express my love to a very special woman who has changed my life for the better.… Terre Blair Hamlisch.
Not only is she beautiful, kind,and smart but she is a magician of spirit and earth bound energies which she has the insight to lift others up to their full potential. Believe me I have seen her change people many times including me!!
Not only has she nurtured, guided and supported me but she gave me back the joy of singing.
Terre makes me laugh like no other can with her light ‚wit and silliness which only a best friend can do.
Thank you Terre for being in my life, my family’s life and helping so many other beings on this planet!
Love always, Valerie

Shai Kushner wrote:

Marvin Hamlisch’s passing left an immeasurable void in the hearts of everyone in his family. His much noted love, kindness, spirit, and generosity were as much of a gift to us as his talent, and could never be replaced. But the last gift that Marvin gave us was his most meaningful.
Terre has never tasked herself with trying to replace Marvin. Nobody would, or could, ever do that. Instead, Terre has injected her own remarkable take on love, kindness, spirit, and generosity into our lives. Her selfless work to strengthen Marvin’s legacy, while dealing with her own grief, has been nothing short of inspirational. Terre has not asked to be admired though. Instead she invites people into her home and into her life, to laugh along with her.
On August 6, 2012, we feared that we had not only lost a cousin, but a major part of our family. It didn’t take long for us to realize that our family had actually grown. Marvin gave so much during his lifetime, but the gift of Terre will always be the one we appreciate most.
Happy Birthday Terre!!! With Boundless Love,
Shai, Heather, Jojo and Marley Kushner (Marvin’s cousins)

Marissa McGowan wrote:

How do I even begin to talk about the incomparable Terre Blair Hamlisch? She is one of the most dynamic and amazing women that i have the privilege of knowing. I got to work with Marvin on one of his last musicals and it was one of the biggest honors of my career. But the greatest gift that Marvin gave me was introducing me to the beautiful Terre.
She is unbelievably smart, strong and powerful- when she puts her mind to something, not only does it happen, but it’s executed with such vigor, creativity and vision, that she consistently blows people away. She is one of my favorite people to spend time with- we laugh until our sides hurt, and we have such a special bond that I know I can always turn to her- no matter what.
Terre had been such a loyal friend and supporter of mine. I will forever be grateful for all of her love and belief in me.
Happy birthday my beautiful, funny, witty, dynamic and wonderful friend. May this next year be full of only love and light for you! I love you, sister!!! Marissa McGowan

Melinda Shea wrote:

Happy Birthday Terre Blair Hamlisch

Marvin has given the world many gifts, but the greatest gift he gave me was the introduction to you.

From the first moment I met Marvin after hiring him for the position as Artistic Director and Conductor for the Pasadena Pops, I felt I met you as well, even though you were not present. He was like a young boy in love talking about “his beautiful Terre” and how important you were in his life – so important, in fact, that he stepped away from our lunch 3 times to call you just to say hi and tell you he loved you!

He talked about your huge heart and compassion. He talked about your uncompromising quest for truth and ethics. He talked about your incredible intelligence. And he made a point to tell me how important it was to stop and enjoy life with the person you love most, because life is short, and could slip by you in a split second.

The next time I saw Marvin, he introduced me to you. I found out then, to my surprise, that you two were not newlyweds, but had been married for over 20 years! But I was NOT surprised after first meeting you, that Marvin could love you more than anything he had ever known.

He introduced me that day to my dearest friend. Everything Marvin told me about you is true. You have the biggest heart and you embrace all who meet you with love, joy, and laughter. You have become a member of my family (my father ‘adopted you”, and my niece refers to you as “Auntie Fun-Fun). You are “scary smart,” dedicated to improving the planet and leaving it in a better place than you found it.

Just before he died, Marvin took my arm and told me that he was happy that “wherever Melinda is, Terre will be there too.” What Marvin said is true; I will be here for you always.

I love you, Terre Blair Hamlisch. You have made me a better person, and I cannot imagine life without you. Happy Birthday, dearest friend. Melinda Shea

Tom Burris wrote:

The description “as beautiful on the inside as on the out” is often overused or spoken lightly…but when I am asked to describe my longtime friend Terre it’s the first thought that comes to mind. And, in describing Terre, it could not be more accurate.

I have had the good fortune to know Terre for well over thirty years. Over those years she has been on a rollercoaster ride of thrilling highs and some difficult lows. A life filled with joy and laughter. Music and magic. Love and loss. And through it all, she has remained the same beautiful person I discovered the first day I met her. She can still light up a room with her presence. Warm your heart with her kindness and caring. She has the ability to change lives. To make you better.

Terre is one of the smartest people I know. Wise beyond her years…and yet, as fresh, vibrant and exciting as any one person can be.

Marvin is often described by a lyric from A Chorus Line; “One Singular Sensation.” Terre too is sensational and unique in so many ways. She’s one of a kind and I could not be more grateful to have her as a friend. Tom Burris

Carol Luper wrote:

Terre Blair Hamlisch has made friends all over the country who cherish her loyal friendship and support.
Terre has always been tireless, determined, and dedicated and worked hard for the many causes and charities that needed her help, including returning war veterans, and The American Cancer Society. She’s helped and given a boost to a number people’s musical careers.
Terre has been caring and concerned about losses suffered by Terre and Marvin’s friends, remembering me when my Mother died. She has helped us deal with Marvin’s death, even as she grieved his loss. I know she has worked hard with love and devotion, to help plan events all over the country in Marvin’s memory.
Marvin told me on a number of occasions that her love, and support, and open heart made his world, and ours a better place! Carol Luper



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