Excerpts from “The Buzz” (Pre-NYE 2012 Salute to Marvin by NY Phil)

NEW YORK — I first interviewed Marvin in 2005 for a magazine article on Famous alumni of The Juilliard School. We immediately hit it off. I’d loved every note he’d ever written, of course, but beyond that, we both came from the New York Jewish musical background that was a nationality unto itself.

When I spoke with him again for a Playbill article anticipating his 2009 New York Philharmonic benefit concert titles

New York Moments, which he created as a musical portrait of his beloved hometown (and in which he would lead the orchestra of his hero, Leonard Bernstein), our conversation ranged further. We discussed favorite New York places to stroll and restaurants, and he told me about his Juilliard Jury exams: he’d gone to the roof of the old Claremont avenue building to unwind beforehand only to have the door lock behind him.

He finally arrived at those exams covered in soot one minute before ha was to play…

Robin Tabachnik is a New York-based arts and culture journalist who writes frequently for Playbill, Town & Country, and IN New York Magazine.

This article is published with permission of Playbill magazine.

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Source: Excerpts from Playbill Magazine - Robin Tabachnick (Authorized by Playbill Magazine)