EMMYS: CONGRATULATIONS to Dori Berinstein and PBS for this 2014 Television Academy Nomination! (The Marvin Hamlisch Documentary “What He Did For Love” )

The film “Marvin Hamlisch, What He Did For Love” produced by Dori Berinstein and PBS has been nominated in the category

Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series”  — 2014

The Documentary is part of the American Master Series produced by PBS. CONGRATULATIONS!


Marvin Hamlisch film by Dramatic ForcesWatch The Television Academy Awards

Monday, August 25th, 2014 8ET/5PT


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Emmys Aug 2014Here are the nominations in this category:

Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Series — 2014

American Masters


Susan Lacy, Executive Producer

Julie Sacks, Supervising Producer / Series Producer

Junko Tsunashima, Supervising Producer

Dori Berinstein, Produced by


COSMOS: A SpaceTime Odyssey


Ann Druyan, Executive Producer

Seth MacFarlane, Executive Producer

Mitchell Cannold, Executive Producer

Brannon Braga, Executive Producer

Jason Clark, Co-Executive Producer

Livia Hanich, Producer

Steve Holtzman, Producer

Neil deGrasse Tyson, Host


Pioneers Of Television


Michael J Trinklein, Producer

Steven J Boettcher, Producer


The World Wars


Stephen David, Executive Producer

Russ McCarroll, Executive Producer

Paul Cabana, Executive Producer

Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive Producer

Tim W. Kelly, Co-Executive Producer

Shirley Escott, Supervising Producer

David C. White, Series Producer


Years Of Living Dangerously


Joel Bach, Executive Producer

David Gelber, Executive Producer

Daniel Abbasi, Executive Producer

Jennifer Latham, Supervising Producer

Adam Bolt, Senior Producer

Solly Granatstein, Producer

Jacob Kornbluth, Producer

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Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch