Aug 6, 2012: We Remember Marvin Hamlisch during the 2nd Anniversary of his death

Genius is rare enough, but a good-hearted genius is rarer still” “A good-hearted, humble and hilarious genius? Almost unheard-of.” — President Bill Clinton. Aug. 2012

Today we remember Maestro Marvin Hamlisch. As a tribute, here is the Month of August 2012 “As it Happens…”

NEWS AND REVIEWS — AUGUST 2012 — “As It Happens”

second anniversary aug 6 2014It includes the tributes and words from many of his colleagues and friends, and all the comments from his fans, friends and family, who keep expressing their love and affection to this “Good-hearted, humble and hilarious genius”

Today we remember him with Admiration and Love.

NEWS AND REVIEWS — AUGUST 2012 — “As It Happens”

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Marvin Hamlisch b-w

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