Album: Hamlisch Uncovered. ▶ Song: Classical Music (Unused Song From Musical: Smile, 1986)

Song: “Classical Music” (Unused Song from The musical “SMILE” — Music: Marvin Hamlisch. Lyrics for this song: Carolyn Leigh (Final Project of the Musical Smile with Book & Lyrics by Howard Ashman)

The record label Broadway Records released the album “Hamlisch Uncovered” (Release: January 2018.)
This great album is a collection of many musical compositions by Composer Marvin Hamlisch.
Listen to this rendition of the song “Classical Music” (Unused song for the musical SMILE (This song with lyrics by Carolyn Leigh, Musical: Marvin Hamlisch. (The final project of the Musical Smile has book & lyrics by Howard Ashman)


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The Musical SMILE chronicles the backstage troubles of the fictional 1985 California Young American Miss beauty pageant held in Santa Rosa, California.

The musical Smile is based on the 1975 Michael Richie film SMILE (screenplay by Jerry Belson.) The film had been optioned for a musical by Marvin Hamlisch and Howard had originally vied for the job of scriptwriter and lyricist but been turned down. Five years later, he was again given the opportunity to work on the show and quickly agreed.

It was the only job I ever wanted that I didn’t get,” ‘When they approached me to fix the show, I said that I wasn’t interested in fixing anything. I would only do it if we could start from scratch. To my amazement, Marvin agreed. We threw out all the songs except the melody of the title tune. I called Jerry Belson and got his original screenplay — the one he wished had been filmed — and we started working from that.”

Howard Ashman

This rendition by the following singer: Randy Graff. The cast for this album: Thanks to: Kelli O’Hara, Marissa Mc Gowan, Klea Blackhurst, Hayden Tee, Randy Graff, Steven Brinberg, Nancy Opel, Julian Decker, Leah Horowitz, Tony Sheldon, Holly Davis, Jessica Fontana, Happy McPartland, Emily Shoolin, Lisa BresciaMana Allen, Jenny Baker, Taylor Brauer, Ashely Bruce, Daisy Carnelia, Jessie del Rio, Sara Glancy, Aja Goes, Sarah Grace, Leigh Ellen Jones, Linda Van Kesteren, Caitlin Kinnunen, Caroline Liff, Molly Modell, Chelsie Nectow, Jaime Rosenstein, Amy Weaver.

Song: “Classical Music” (Unused song for the Musical SMILE. (Music: Marvin Hamlisch. Lyrics for the song Walking In The Sunshine by Carolyn Leigh. Final Project for the Musical “Smile” with book & lyrics: Howard Ashman)

Team Marvin Hamlisch gives thanks to Broadway Records for the very sweet idea of creating an album with many of Marvin Hamlisch’s Musical compositions not yet recorded. Many of his compositions that did not make the cut into the final projects and musicals.

Thanks to producers Michael Lavine, Chip M. Fabrizi and to Marvin’s dear friend and frequent collaborator, Lyricist Craig Carnelia. This treasured album includes songs from the original version of “Smile” (Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh), and the final version of Smile (Lyrics by Howard Ashman,) a song for the workshop of a proposed revival of the 1978 musical “Ballroom” (Lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman), his final musical “The Nutty Professor” (Lyrics by Rupert Holmes) and several songs from his scores and projects with Lyricist Craig Carnelia: Imaginary Friends, Bullets Over Broadway and Sweet Smell of Success.

▶ Song: Classical Music (Unused Song From Musical: Smile, 1986)

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