Winner will be announced June 9th! — Youth Category: The Finalists for The 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest (Youth Category) are:

CINE: Here are The Finalists for The 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest- Youth Category! Winners will be announced June 9th!

The 2016 Scoring contest has two categories, to give opportunity to the very young talented composers:



The winners of the Marvin Hamlisch Award in the Youth and Emerging Categories will receive a trophy presented at CINE Celebrates: New York.

Marvin Hamlisch and his 3 Oscars.

Marvin Hamlisch and his 3 Oscars.


The Judges:

We are proud to announce the distinguished jury for the 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Contest: Academy Award-winning composer Mychael Danna (Best Original Score, Life of Pi, 2012); multiple BMI-award-winning composer and Emmy nominee George S. Clinton; and Emmy Award-winning music editor, supervisor and conductor Daniel Carlin (Chair of Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television at USC’s Thornton School of Music); composer and music supervisor Ronald Sadoff, Director of Programs in Film Scoring and Songwriting at NYU Steinhardt; composer Alison Plante, acting chair of Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music; and Vasco Hexel, composer, conductor, arranger and area leader in the Composition for Screen program at the Royal College of Music.

The YOUTH category finalists are:

Cine Golden Eagle. Finalists, Youth Category. The 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers.

Cine Golden Eagle. Finalists, Youth Category. The 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers.


Hannah Rich: Hometown: Warwick, NY, USA

A 17 year old senior in high school. “Ever since I was a toddler, I’ve always had an ear for music.  Seeing this, my parents enrolled me in piano lessons for nine years which gave me a solid music base. Around the age of 12, I took an interest in movie scores (Tim Burton’s movie Alice In Wonderland being my “first love.”) My fascination for movie soundtracks only increased from that point on. I was inspired to create my own music and attempt to capture emotions through music. I hope to be able to compose music for film in the future. Although I have fooled around with basic programs such as GarageBand, this contest is the first time I have ever seriously taken my piano compositions to a full producing software. The experience was much more difficult than I expected, but immensely gratifying and enjoyable.”

Isabella Dussias: Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ,  USA

Isabella Dussias is a 13 year old composer who enjoys writing both classical and contemporary music.  She has performed her piano solo, “Journey of the Swallows,” at Lincoln Center and Ehrbar Hall in Vienna, Austria as part of the Golden Key music festival.  Recently, she earned a first degree distinction in the Golden Key composition contest for her piano solo, “Rondo Della Notte,” which she will perform later this year at Carnegie Hall.  Isabella also enjoys writing pop songs that are relevant to teen issues.  In addition to piano, she plays French horn and clarinet in her school concert band and violin in her church ensemble.  When I write music I feel free.

John Konsolakis: Hometown: Athens, Greece

John Konsolakis was born in Athens, Greece in 1999. He is an aspiring composer with an interest in film composition. His pieces are influenced by a variety of styles, ranging from Classical music, to Impressionism and 21st Century, as well as his musical background as a clarinetist. John has composed music for media, film and theatre and he is eager to pursue a music career, furthering his studies at University level.

Lawson Madlener: Hometown: Laguna Hills, CA, USA

Lawson Madlener has studied classical violin for over fifteen years, and has been composing almost as long.  He has won multiple awards in both areas, and has played in numerous events from fiddling to jazz.  One of the highlights in his young career has been composing music for the not-for-profit Four Seasons Youth Orchestra.

Lydia Lukyanov: Hometown: Los Angeles, California, USA

Lydia Lukyanov is a high school junior from California. She studies at San Marino High but is currently spending her junior year abroad in Paris, France. Lydia has been composing since she was five, but only started piano lessons when she was eight. She also plays violin and was concert-mistress for her middle school orchestra and is currently studying orchestration in Paris. She aims to score films someday and continue developing her love for music.

Marlon Caro: Hometown: Miami, Florida, USA

When I was in the eight grade, I began to compose music in my school band. Over time, I began to love music even more and took it more seriously. Since I have always liked movies and how the emotion and suspense of the score develops the film, I dedicated myself to film scoring, while still trying to progress my classical music education. During my Junior year in high school, I began to study classical composition with University of Miami Frost School of Music Composition Professor Dr. Scott Stinson. Throughout my high school years I have won numerous composition contests such as the National Young Arts Foundation, the Florida Bandmasters Association Henry Fillmore Contest and the National PTSA Reflections Music Composition Contest.  As I continue through my last year of high school, I aspire to become an achieved composer in both the film and classical world.

PHILOSOPHY: As a person, I try to connect different ideas together to create what I call “art”. As a composer, I try to create “art” by trying connect my music to the film; expressing my own emotions to achieve that.


Noah Horowitz: Hometown: Cleveland, OH, USA

Noah Horowitz is a 16-year-old composer, pianist, and high school student from Cleveland, Ohio.  He is fascinated with how music can tell a story and convey emotion.  As a child, he would place picture books on the piano, and attempt to “play” the story.  He also loves writing for orchestra and creating sample libraries.  In the future, he hopes to have a career in scoring for media.

For me, “playing the stories,” really describes my essential understanding of what it is to be human. Stories are universal and tell us about our traditions, our values, our hopes, and our fears. Stories connect us to each other and to our history. I am attracted to stories that reflect the best of humanity: stories overcoming obstacles and heroism, stories about helping each other and sacrifice, and stories about our journey to find ourselves.”

Robby Good: Hometown: Valencia, California,  USA

I am a 15 year old sophomore from Hart High School, and a fellow in the LA Phil Composer Fellowship Program. I have been writing music for about 3 years now. I play percussion and piano, and love listening to all kinds of music, from contemporary classical to classic rock to (my personal favorite) video game and movie scores, from the repertoires of John Williams to Koji Kondo. This is my first attempt at writing music for any sort of media, be it video game or film, and I hope it to be the first of many, as this is the field I wish to pursue.

Tobias Ratka: Hometown: Traiskirchen, Austria

Tobias Alexander Ratka was born and raised in a little town near Vienna. He started producing music on the computer at the age of 7. Now, he is 15 years old and has a big love for film music. He composed many trailer music tracks and also practiced scoring a lot. He’s been taking guitar lessons for six years now and taught himself how to play piano, which he is know improving by taking piano lessons.

I fell in love with the fact, how music can support a visual scene. How it can create feelings, that you can’t record with a camera. I now know, that I want to be a film composer one day.”


William Bennett: Hometown: Sherbrooke, QC, Canada

William B. Bennett is a young award-winning music composer who was born in May of 1998 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. His training as a pianist and a percussionist is both in classic and jazz music. He is the timpanist in the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Sherbrooke and also a percussionist in the Sherbrooke Music Film Symphony Orchestra. William has played in several Wind Orchestras and stage bands throughout his high school years.

I  learned to respect differences, whether in the arts, cultures, races, species and in all types of music. However, much like the beauty of the world was built by a mixture of differences, I much prefer orchestral music for the same reason, meaning that by combining a mixture of instruments, beautiful melody is created, which can be spectacular when you let your imagination run away.


See the finalists for the Emerging Composers Category!


About this contest:

The film scoring contest for young composers — has been taking place for a few years now. After Composer Marvin Hamlisch received the CINE’s Legends Award in 2012 he wanted to be part of the programs that CINE has for emerging young talent. After he passed (August 6, 2012,) CINE decided to name this specific contest in his honor and contestants can participate every year with a musical score for a film that they will be given to compete. For the 2016 contest the contest was divided in two categories (Under 18 y/o and Over 18 y/o to give opportunities to the verey young talented composers! Learn more about this contest / Participate in the next film scoring competition!

The Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers”


Congratulations to ALL the contestants!

Congratulations to the finalists for the 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest! Good Luck to all!  — Terre Blair Hamlisch.


Terre Blair Hamlisch

Terre Blair Hamlisch presented award to Carlos Simon, winner of the 2015 Film Scoring Contest! Congrats!

CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE. The CINE organization, The contestants, the Judges! Team Marvin Hamlisch.


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