WINNER ANNOUNCED TODAY! CINE’S 2015 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers!

UPDATE! Congratulations to Carlos Simon for the winning film score!

For the record:

10 finalists were selected for the CINE’s 2015 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest for Emerging Composers! And The winner is: Carlos Simon! Congratulations!


Congratulations to the Finalists!
Team Marvin Hamlisch

Flashback: The  2015 Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest Finalists:

Drumroll please!!!!

Ra-ta-tat-tat!! Ra-ta-tat-tat!! Ra-ta-tat-tat


#1 Jesse Bouvier, Finalist #1:

Jesse Bouvier of Los Angeles, CA, a recent grad of California State-Northridge!  VISIT JESSE’S WEBSITE!

#2 Andrew Broadwater, Finalist #2:

Andrew Broadwater of Baltimore, MD, a 2011 grad of @nyusteinhardt Visit Andrew’s Website!

#3 Obadiah Brown-Beach, Finalist #3:

Obadiah Brown-Beach of Seattle, WA, a ’12 @BerkleeCollege grad @ObadiahBB - Visit Obadiah’s Website!

#4 Nick Dolan, Finalist #4:

Nick Dolan of Portland, OR @NickDolan_Music Visit Nick’s Website! 

#5 Pierre-Alexandre Zucca, Finalist #5:

Pierre-Alexandre Zucca of Université Aix-Marseille in France

#6 John Scigulinsky, Finalist #6:

John Scigulinsky (@JohnScig) of Partizanske, Slovakia — Visit John’s Website! 

#7 Carlos Silva, Finalist #7:

Carlos Silva from Caracas, Venezuela!, a 2015 grad of @BerkleeCollege

#8 Carlos Simon, Finalist #8:

Carlos Simon of Atlanta, GA, a rising junior at @umich

#9 Kevin Smithers, Finalist #9:

Kevin Smithers of México City — Visit Kevin’s Website 

#10 Andres Walker, Finalist #10:

Andres Walker from Jersey City NJ, a rising senior at @nyusteinhardt


The winner is Carlos Simon.  Congratulations!


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Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch