VIDEO: WOSU Radio “All Sides” Interview: The Life and Music of Marvin Hamlisch

Columbus, OH — For The Record: On Sept 25, 2015 WOSU Radio had a one hour interview during their segment ALL SIDES with Christoper Purdy. Theme: “The Life and Music of Marvin Hamlisch” — The interview includes many interesting details about Marvin Hamlisch’s life and includes short segments with music from his vast repertoire. The interview took place as part of the celebrations by organizations from the City of Columbus, Ohio in honor of  “Marvin The People’s Composer.”

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Since April 2015 through Sept 6, 2015, the Columbus Museum of Art had a photographic exhibit of the composer, by photographer Len Prince. A considerable sample of the exhibit will be on display at the McCoy Center for The Arts in New Albany, Ohio during the concert tributes for Marvin Hamlisch by the New Albany Symphony Orchestra.


The Guest to this radio interview are:

VIDEO: Watch Interview:  ‘The Life and Music of Marvin Hamlisch”

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