Video (1 Min) Marvin Hamlisch’s Parents, Lilly and Max

A look at composer Marvin Hamlisch’s parents, professional accordionist Max Hamlisch and “helicopter mother” Lilly Hamlisch, told through family home movies and humorous accounts from his cousin, Paul Kushner. (PBS American Masters Emmy Winner Documentary Film “Marvin Hamlisch, What He Did For Love” )

Lilly and Max Hamlisch. (Marvin Hamlisch's Parents)

Lilly and Max Hamlisch. (Marvin Hamlisch’s Parents)

VIDEO (1 Min) Marvin’s Parents, Lilly and Max:

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My mother, Lilly Schachter, was born in Vienna and trained as a seamstress. She left school after the third grade because her mother was ill and she had to care for her. Lilly was a beautiful girl and the target of every eligible male in the inner city. One of these was a handsome, wealthy young fellow with the musical-comedy name of Ernst Pickholtz. My mother’s family was all for her marrying Ernst immediately because, with the clouds of Nazism approaching Austria, Ernst could whisk her off to Argentina. If he had, she wouldn’t have had to escape the storm troopers in the precarious way she did, and today I would be Marvin Pickholtz, composer of Evita. The only downside to Ernst Pickholtz was that my mother was already in love with another man, a musician named Max Hamlisch. But he lacked the financial means to get her out of Vienna. It was the old story of a woman choosing between love and Buenos Aires.”  — Composer Marvin Hamlisch (1944–2012) — from the book “The Way I Was


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Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch