▶ Songs: What I Did For Love, Life’s What You Make It, If Your Remember Me — Renditions by Johnny Mathis (1980)

Johnny Mathis sings What I Did For Love from the Broadway Musical A Chorus Line. — (Also listen to: Life is What You Make It and If You Remember Me) (Kotch / The Champ) WATCH:

Song: What I did For Love — Rendition by Johnny Mathis:

(Song from the Broadway Musical A CHORUS LINE)


Song: Life Is What You Make It. Marvin Hamlisch / Johnny Mathis, from Kotch (Film, 1971)


Song: If You Remember Me: Marvin Hamlisch and Johnny Mathis.(FILM: The Champ, 1979)

Johnny Mathis- If You Remember Me 1980

Johnny Mathis — If You Remember Me (1980)

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