▶ Song: I Hope I Get It — From A Chorus Line

Marvin’s notes from A Chorus Line: Ed (Kleban) said to me today: “The main all-consuming thing about these dancers is how endlessly desperate they are for work. The job is The Holy Grail.” And then he handed me a yellow piece of paper from his pad. There were only four simple lines on it:

God I hope I get it

I really need this job

Oh God I need this job

Please help me get this job

In these simple words, Ed has caught the essence of what our show is about. You might say the music and Lyrics were born at this moment. I had all I needed. It was time for me to crawl into the box… BOOK Marvin Hamlisch, The Way I Was. Obtain the book…

Listen to sample of the song: I Hope I Get It from the musical A CHORUS LINE:


Watch: Broadway original cast at The Tony Awards 1976 — Song: “I Hope I Get It”

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Source: Team Marvin Hamlisch / The Music of Marvin Hamlisch