Song: At The Fountain — from Musical “Sweet Smell of Success” — Thanks Chicago, IL & Kokandy Productions!

Song “At The Fountain”

Thanks to: Scot T. Kokandy and The Chicago Tribune for the production of the Musical Sweet Smell of Success!

Swee Smell Chicago 2014-9

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Scot T. Kokandy wrote:

The Song: “At The Fountain” from Sweet Smell of Success was performed by David Schlumpf in the role of Falco.

Here is a rendition by Bryan D’Arcy James, who originated the role of Falco in the 2002 Broadway Production. (This rendition at the Rossie O’Donnel Show, 2002) — A Great Rendition:


Terre Blair — Hamlisch wrote: I am thrilled that Kodandy Productions and Theater Wit decided to launch the production of the Musical Sweet Smell Of Success. It’s a masterpiece! Wishing them the best of luck!!! Terre Blair — Hamlisch