NYU — A Theatrical Group Smells Success Beyond Their Years

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Sweet Smell of Success NYU Sept 2013

If the NYU Steinhardt production of Sweet Smell of Success is any indication, the future of New York City theater is bright. The show has a short run this weekend, opening on Thursday, and with two more performances left, it’s worth going out to see it. There are few shows in the Big Apple that provide more razzle dazzle for your buck.

Hats go off to John Simpkins who did a fabulous job directing the show.

For most of the show, you forget that you’re watching a production performed by students. Only with the occasional dropped prop or dance misstep are you brought back to reality, but those few errors are excusable in the name of young nerves and limited theatrical experience. Some of the actors showed themselves to be rising stars, particularly Zach Monroe in the main role as JJ Hunsecker. Monroe takes command over every scene in which he appears, conveying the intimidation and authority built into his role. Monroe is so effective that at times you’re unsure if the others around cower in fear because their parts are written that way or maybe they can’t find a way to match wits with a master.

For her role of Susan, Jane Kivnick brings an impressive set of pipes that overshadows all others in this performance. Kivnick is a blessing inside of a play full of aggressive and masculine men…READ MORE


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