Flashback 1974: Marvin Hamlisch’s First and Second Oscar Score Wins for “The Sting” and “The Way We Were”

Marvin Hamlisch’s three Oscar wins: Here is the video for the First and Second win for The Sting and The Way We Were.

Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor presented the Best Original Song Score and Adaptation Oscar Segment.

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Donald O’Connor, Debbie Reynolds, Marvin Hamlisch with his two Oscars and the one and only Cher — 1974

Cher and Henry Mancini presented the Best Original Dramatic Score Oscar Segment.

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Henry Mancini (1924-1994)

Henry Mancini (1924–1994)



Donald O’Connor and Debbie Reynolds presenting Marvin Hamlisch with the Best Original Song Score and Adaptation Oscar® for “The Sting,” and Henry Mancini and Cher presenting the Best Original Dramatic Score Oscar® for “The Way We Were” at the 46th Annual Academy Awards® in 1974. Introduced by John Huston.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: We’re delighted to be here tonight. Of Course I’m very excited and I don’t want to embarrass Donald but you see, we had some of the happiest days when we worked together at MGM. Remember Donald?

DONALD O’CONNOR: Oh Debbie, you didn’t have to say that. I wouldn’t have said it.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: Don, come on, do you remember the number that we did together. “Abba Dabba Honeymoon” do you remember that?

DONALD O’CONNOR: Oh Yes! I was going under the name Carleton Carpenter at the time, right?

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: And you were taller, yes!
Don, and you forget now, we had another, three-little-words number there…

DONALD O’CONNOR: Debbie, I’m sorry sweetheart, no, no no. You goofed again. Oh yes, that was another dancer. He danced
A little bit better that I do. Fred Astaire, that’s right.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: There was “Singin’ In The Rain.” I remember that. You were singing in the rain and dancing around and you had the umbrella, you remember the street with the water going everywhere, you remember that? (Watch: Good Morning! )

DONALD O’CONNOR: Oh Deb Yes! Now you got it!

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: I’ve got it now! Make them laugh!

DONALD O’CONNOR: NO! That’s [Gene] Kelly who did the other number. But anyway, the nominations now…now what do we say? Do you remember?

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: Oh yes! You wanna read that? The Nominations are: For Original Song Score: Jesus Christ Superstar adapted by Andre Previn, Herbert W. Spencer and Andrew Lloyd Webber.


DONALD O’CONNOR: The Sting, adapted by Marvin Hamlisch.



DEBBIE REYNOLDS: Tom Sawyer, song score by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, adapted by John Williams.


DONALD O’CONNOR: May I have the envelope please. There you are Debbie.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS: The winner is Marvin Hamlisch for The Sting.

MARVIN HAMLISCH: I’m very happy! And I really wanted this. First of all I am really thrilled that my parents could be here to see this. And I’m happy that I’m still alive because I’ve been sitting there a long time. First of all a big thank you to Michael and Julia Philips and Tony Bell. But I really have to share this award. So I give George Roy Hill some visiting rights to see this. He is not only a brilliant director but he is a wonderful musician and he really helped so much. And of course to a man I never met but whose music was just wonderful to work with. To Scott Joplin. Thank you all.


Marvin Hamlisch receives his first Academy Award

Marvin Hamlisch receives his first Academy Award



JOHN HOUSTON: Now to help present the next award is our conductor and three time Oscar winner Henry Mancini accompanied by the one and only non-Paris incomparable Cher.



CHER: The nominations for Best Original Dramatic Score are:
John Williams for Cinderella Liberty



HENRY MANCINI: Georges Delerue for The Day of The Dolphin



CHER: Jerry Goldsmith for Papillon



HENRY MANCINI: John Cameron for Touch of Class


CHER: And Marvin Hamshmisch for The Way We Were.


CHER: “H a m s c h m i s c h...”

HENRY MANCINI: (ON Cher’s ear: “H a m l i s c h”)

CHER: H A M L I S C H!  Sorry about that   Marvin!

HENRY MANCINI: The envelope please.

CHER: What do you think?

HENRY MANCINI: Marvin Comeback!

CHER: Alright!


CHER: To Marvin: Doesn’t make any difference now does it?

MARVIN HAMLISCH: Thank you C E E R ! (Laughs!)

HENRY MANCINI: C H E E R  U P! (More laughs)


MARVIN HAMLISCH. Aaah! What can I tell you? My piano teacher is thrilled about this I know. She kept saying “practice, practice.” To Ray Stark, Sydney Pollack, to Barbra Streisand, a big big thank you. I can say that right off the bat. There were a lot of people involved in the music of this and I am glad I was one of them. I can only tell you. Last but not least I want to thank the makers of Maalox for making this all possible.


Marvin Hamlisch’s two Oscar Score Wins for “The Sting” and “The Way We Were”


WATCH: OSCAR #3 for Best Song: The Way We Were


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