E‑Book: Marvin Hamlisch — The Way I Was

E‑Book: Marvin Hamlisch — The Way I Was is now available.


The way i was e-book nov 2013…After we’d finished, it was time to exchange Christmas gifts. Liza went over to her mother and handed her a beautifully wrapped package. She asked for quiet as her mother opened it. Judy seemed startled by it all. Liza took the record from her mother, and with a flourish, she set the record on the turntable. There wasn’t a sound in the house. Then the music started, and a voice filled the room. It was a voice at once strange and familiar, young and confident, but with an eerie likeness of unmistakable heritage- mother and daughter.

At first, Judy didn’t realize who was singing. But when she did, she actually wept. It was one of the most startling moments in her life. And I stood speechless, watching as the great Judy Garland looked on at her own daughter’s debut- singing four of my songs.

Then Judy came over to me, thanked me for what I had done for Liza, and asked in that girlish voice of hers if Liza and I would do it again right there.

I went to the piano, Liza sang her heart out. It was even better than the demo.

But I was totally bowled over when Judy asked: “Wanna play for me, Marvin?”

I never thought I’d get to heaven before at sixteen, but I did. I played the piano as Judy Garland sang “The Trolley Song,” “The Man That Got Away,” “San Francisco,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

If I could have phoned the world that night, I would have done it…” — Marvin Hamlisch — The Way I Was