Cine Award for Lifetime Achievement for a Composer (2012)

Washington, DC — It was a thrill to receive the 1st Cine award for lifetime achievement for a composer. A great, festive evening at the French Embassy.

Thank You  for sending your good wishes:

•  Andy: Congratulations on this wonderful honoring of your talent and accomplishments.

Marvin Hamlisch ‑2009

   •  Carol L: What an exciting, well deserved honor this is to a true legend in American music!                            Congratulations!

 • Madeline: “To a Star and a Scholar…Marvin Hamlisch…Mazel Tov on another great honor!”

 •  William: Congratulations on the CINE Award. They could not have given it to a more influential and talented composer! Thanks!

•  Greg Tucker: A much-deserved recognition of not only one of America’s great composers — but the world’s! Marvin’s music resonates with people of every background, nationality and music persuasion. Congratulations on this further acknolwedgement of your tremendous talent and musical contributions!

Presenting the 2012 CINE Legends Award to Marvin Hamlisch is a gentleman who is a legend himself: Sheldon Harnick, the Broadway lyricist who brought us Fiddler on the Roof.

CINE thanks its 2012 Honorees and Presenters for a very special Awards Gala. Our very special thanks to Maestro Marvin Hamlisch for the beautiful music. The multiple standing ovations were well-deserved! (Cine 2012 Gala at The French Embassy, May 2012)