2012 Legends Award from CINE

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Marvin Hamlisch received CINEs Inaugural Legends Award.

Celebrated composer Marvin Hamlisch received the first Legends Award from CINE, the film, television and digital media non-profit organization known for its prestigious Golden Eagle Awards, at its 55th Annual Awards Gala on May 9, 2012. The Annual Awards Gala, which also honors winners of CINE’s Masters Awards, was held at La Maison Française at the Embassy of France in Washington, DC.

CINE Board President Rita Mullin: 

We truly are thrilled that Mr. Hamlisch has agreed to be our first CINE Legends honoree.  This certainly sets a high bar for the award going forward.”

She adds:

If you’ve had your heart wrenched watching Sophie’s Choice, caught yourself humming a few bars from The Sting or belted out The Way We Were, you have been touched by the work of Marvin Hamlisch.”

Mr. Hamlisch, composer of the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Chorus Line, and one of only 13 individuals to have won the Emmy, the Grammy, the Oscar, and the Tony (EGOT) Awards, is the first recipient of the new CINE Legends Award.  The Legends Award honors an individual whose contributions to film or television have become beloved and intrinsic elements of American popular culture.

Marvin during 2009 CINE Masterclass Series Interview:

You asked if there are films that I enjoy doing, or certain set of genres that I prefer doing…well I’ll tell you. The two genres that I really love, of course – although every composer really loves if it’s a really good film. I mean, I’ve got to be honest with you, a good film, more people are going to see. It’s just the way it is. Although, you work just as hard on  a not-great film as you do on a great film. In fact, sometimes I think you work harder. When you have a good relationship movie, whatever that movie is – whether it’s love, or whether it’s kids, or whatever – but relationships are what you’re looking for, because that’s the most human. And when you’re writing, that’s what you’re looking for, that thing that’s tying these people together. That’s one. And I love to do comedy, even though comedy, believe it or not, is the hardest thing you could do. It’s very hard. I’ll tell you why it’s hard. I learned this from Woody Allen, because I did two of his first movies — (Take The Money and Run / Bananas) . When you preview a movie, or if sometimes the way Woody does it, he sometimes will show twenty minutes of a movie to people. Just twenty minutes. You can find out where the laughs are if you just do those twenty minutes, right? Now if you have a laugh that people are laughing at, then if you put music to it and somehow or another you lose the laugh, it means you’ve done something to somehow change the feeling of those people in the theater. And all of a sudden, you’ve lost it.  Protecting laughs, in a movie, is not easy, and you have to be very smart about it. And sometimes you have to be smart enough to know that you’ve screwed it up.”

At the same Gala, CINE’s 2012 Leadership Award was presented to Eileen O’Neill, Group President for Discovery Channel and TLC, Discovery Communications’ flagship networks. Michael Uslan who, with his partner Benjamin Melniker, brought Batman™ to the silver screen, received CINE’s Trailblazer Award.

2012 CINE Special Jury Award Recipients Announced!

Congratulations to the 2012 CINE Special Jury Award-winners! Chosen from among all of the 2011 CINE Golden Eagle Award recipients, these remarkable productions represent the best of their categories from 2011.


Special Jury Award-Winners:

Telecast Series: BOSTON MED  ABC News. GREAT MIGRATIONS National Geographic Television,
HARD TIME part2 Pictures for National Geographic Channel

Environment and Natural Science: THE WOMAN WHO SWIMS WITH KILLER WHALES Big Wave Productions for BBC and the Animal Planet

History: BATTLE FOR THE ATLANTIC Smithsonian Networks

People & Places: WILL ROGERS AND AMERICAN POLITICS RSU Public Television

Arts, Leisure & Lifestyle: 2011 NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY CONCERT Capital Concerts, Inc. for PBS

Science & Technology: CONCORDE: FLYING SUPERSONIC Smithsonian Networks




Children’s Entertainment: SHALOM SESAME Channel HOP! and Sesame Workshop

Public Service Announcements: PROTECT YOURSELF, PROTECT YOUR FAMILY Magnetic Dreams and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Commercials and On-Air Promotions: THE COCA-COLA HAPPINESS MACHINE Definition 6 for Coca-Cola

Program Opens: SKYPERFECT! FIFA WORLD CUP Koo-Ki for Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation

Non-Fiction/Promotion: YOU FOR ME RC1 Régine Cardin Production for Le Groupe EDF

Arts and Exhibits Programs: THE ART OF WRITING SOFTWARE Hillmann & Carr, Inc. for the Computer History Museum

Children’s Education and Entertainment: FOR ME, FOR YOU, FOR LATER Sesame Workshop

Adult Education and Entertainment:DRINKING GAMES, ALCOHOL ABUSE AND OVERDOSE Human Relations Media

Business — Sales and Promotion: AWAKE UPFRONT PRESENTATION NBC Entertainment Marketing

Business — Safety, Training & Employee Development: WHY WE FLY Futuristic Films for Republic Airways

Science & Technology: THE NEW BIOLOGY John Rubin Productions, Inc.

Motivational: BE THEIR ANGEL/URBAN CHOICE CHARTER SCHOOL C47 Associates for the Urban Choice Charter School

Documentary Short: FINDING KALMAN The Memory Project Productions, Inc.

Documentary Feature: THE MATADOR  Matador Films, LLC

Fiction Short: A FINGER, TWO DOTS THEN ME Duality Filmworks and Write Bloody Publishing

Documentary: THE VIGIL  American University

Entertainment — Animation: Road’s End Ringling College of Art & Design

Entertainment  - Drama: UNDER  Columbia University

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