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Find your City/State: » — CINE’s 2018 Marvin Hamlisch Scoring  Contest -Hudson Opera House, Hudson, NY — Los Angeles, CA  — Castleford UK (Phoenix Theatre) — Branchburg, NJ (RVCC) — El Paso, TX (Univ of Texas at El Paso) —   DETAILS / TICKETS:    Oct 7 — Nov 26, 2017: Hudson, NY: Hudson Hall presents the photographic exhibit by …

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▶ Song: “The Entertainer” Trk 2 (An Oscar winner for Musical Adaptation by Marvin Hamlisch. Film “The Sting,” 1973)

Everyone knows that Marvin Hamlisch won an Oscar (one out of three that night in 1974!) for arranging the Music of Scott Joplin for the Film The Sting (1973). He also composed additional music for the film. Listen to the adaptation of Scott Joplin’s song “THE ENTERTAINER” (Trk2)   LISTEN: “The Entertainer” — A Musical adaptation by Marvin Hamlisch:   …

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